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More about poorly feelings

We all experience feelings of sadness and anger sometimes, and these are healthy feelings to have, But the main difference between depression and having a bad day is that depression lasts a long time, and it stops people from doing things.


For lots of people there is no specific reason for their depression.


It's really important to remember that it's nobody's's just that the person's brain is a bit poorly.

As Celeste found out, living with somebody who has depression, or other poorly feelings, can be quite worrying and confusing. 

But just like Celeste, having someone to talk to, and understanding more about depression can make you feel a lot better.

If you, or someone you know, has poorly feelings

It's a good idea to talk to a trusted adult.

Here are some other people who can help.

Just click on the links below.



Action for Children

For schools and other settings

working with Children and Young People

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

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