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Our First Performance!

We had a fantastic time premiering 'Not Today, Celeste!' at St Luke's Primary School. We had a lot of fun telling the Celeste and Rupert's story for the first time and we had a lovely Year 4 audience, who sat very nicely but also joined in with the songs! We also had some great discussions about poorly feelings, trusted adults and what we can do to make ourselves feel better!

Here's some of the reactions from the children:

"Great puppetry and really energetic"

"It really helped me learn more about depression" that it's different from feeling sad and that it is nobody's fault"

"The message was to always talk about a problem"

"The songs were amazing and catchy and we loved joining in singing"

"The story was really well written and a good story about life. Sometimes we need to ask for help"

Thank you for having us St Luke's!

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1 Comment

Teresa Day
Teresa Day
Apr 30, 2018

Such a wonderful show - helping everyone to get talking about mental health.

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